1 de julho de 2009

Happy Holidays!
Summer holidays are here.
This month we shared a story called: “Julian’s holidays”. This story is about the risks we may face on a beach holiday and useful advices to follow when we go to the beach.
At the same time we did Summer cards to wish each other a Happy Summer.
And now let’s go on holidays!...
Happy Holidays to everybody!

26 de maio de 2009

This work was done by the pupils of the fourth grade, with the help of the Information Technology Teacher from E.B.1/P.E. da Ribeira Brava.

European Week
Hello Everybody!

This month posting started with an idea of the Information Technology Teacher from E.B.1 / P.E da Ribeira Brava.
He invited the English teacher to participate in the celebration of the European Week. So we all thought about it, decided to join in, and spice his invitation with other information about the most important countries that speak English as a mother tongue.
So we all joined his celebration and took the chance to also celebrate the English Language in the world!

25 de abril de 2009

Hello everybody!
Spring has arrived!... So, we are celebrating it!
Up to now we learned a story and played the bees’ game you can see above.
Now we are going to use spring flowers to study colours.
We have already shared the story and the bees’ game. From now on we are going to play
games with spring flowers and other several bugs that just looooove spring!
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!!

22 de março de 2009

These are the gifts that our pupils decided to offer each other this Easter: Easter bags with chocolate eggs, Easter baskets with jelly beans and Easter door hangers.
Enjoy it and Happy Easter to everyone!

7 de março de 2009


For Carnival our pupils coloured clowns and other images related with this subjet, in order to learn vocabulary concerning this party. Here they share the result of their work with each other... and with you!

16 de fevereiro de 2009

Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day we decided to exchange some gifts between pupils.
EB1PE from Corujeira sent heart puppets to other schools. EB1PE from Seara Velha did bookmarks and EB1PE from Ribeira Brava offered pencils decorated with hearts! Everyone loved it!